Thursday, May 14, 2009

unique little car show!!! ... CARS!

So when I was asked if I photograph other things than just people I said SURE! I love to photograph people... love love love... SO much character and joy and all the simple little expressions that I feel privileged to see and capture. Well guess what... cars have personality too! I had so much fun getting to see all these amazing... and... well ... UNIQUE LITTLE CARS! I don't know if you can tell... but my absolute favorite of the day was the Fiat... LOVED those little guys! They made me smile just looking at their little parts! Which one is YOUR favorite? Enjoy! xoxo Shannon Renee


Ryan said...

Wow! I love so many of these. I'm really digging that sweater one though. Are any of these film? Rad stuff! See you in San Fran.


Shannon Renee Photography said...

HaHA..... I know! Wasn't the sweater the best thing! The people that are in the car on the sweater are him and his wife!!! How sweet is that! No none of these are film... there were 80 cars so I barely had time to even shoot... AND I showed some of the images at the awards ceremony that night so film was out of the question. See you in San Fran!!

caroline tran said...

wow shannon! these are so beautiful! my fav is the sweater, the out of focus red car, the the through the steering wheel pics. you are SO GOOD!!!