Thursday, May 21, 2009

the baby to be... jesse + najwa:

Born 3 weeks early on Monday, May 4th, at 10:21am Alexis Jasmin Culver has now arrived! Man... good thing we got these done when we did! I just love Jesse and Najwa! I photographed their wedding a couple of years ago and I just adore them to the fullest. Najwa is just one of those extremely intelligent girls who happens to also be amazingly sweet. Jesse is so incredibly great too! He has the most wonderful laugh and is always smiling and the way he looks at Najwa will just make you melt. I am so thankful at how much they have trusted me with their memories over these years. It was so cute hearing their choices for names for the baby... at one point I asked them both to just think of the first name that popped into their heads... and they both said "Alexis!" Thank you both for allowing me to capture this very special time and thank you so much for taking me around the beautiful Hummingbird Nest Ranch. I can't wait to get to photograph beautiful little Alexis Jasmin. xoxo Shannon Renee


SPKarenO said...

awh - shoot. pregnancy photos with shannon. added to the list of things that make me want to have another baby. like new style cloth diapers, and baby gear they didn't have two years ago. oh great. thanks shan!

Jonathan Canlas said...

holy crap. there are 10000000000 good one! freaking awesome!