Friday, January 2, 2009 LAUNCHES!

 is finally here! I'm so excited that my new site is up and my time will not be monopolized by countless hours of graphic manipulation and image preparation anymore... a one big resounding.... YAAAAAAYYYYY!!! Okay... so I'm a perfectionist... there I said it, and well - I started as a graphic designer before I discovered my passion for photography..sooooooo... Of course I decided that I wanted to design my own site - in hindsight I might have been a little crazy. The hard part was going to be finding the right Flash designer to animate my design with all my insane requests. Can I just tell you how lucky I was to find Ryan Malmberg from Finch Design??? I heard of him from Jose Villa and from my buddy Danielle Biel and I love both of their sites so I really felt that I couldn't go wrong. After I had spoken to Ryan on the phone for two minutes I knew this was going to be a really cool collaboration. 8 months later ...and.. wha LAH! New site and truly new friend. (by the way Ryan is SUPER fast... it was my fault it took so long... perfectionist remember?) Thank you so much Ryan... I couldn't have asked for a better partner on really made everything I designed just so much better.

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Chelsea Elizabeth said...

your new site is amazing! I love the design. you are so talented!