Monday, January 12, 2009

the wurm family: part III


Cheryl said...

I LOVE your pictures Shannon!!! :) Oh by the way, this is Cheryl Alder(it's been a looong time). Your work is gorgeous-I love looking at it. I am starting a photography business and I am in need of some great outdoor places to shoot. I love all the places that you shoot your family portraits. Could you fill me in on some great places???? I would LOVE it!!!
Your site is awesome too. I'm so proud of you, I am way impressed you did that yourself. Too cool! Happy shooting! :) Do you guys live in Pasadena now?

Shannon Renee Photography said...

Hi Cheryl!!! Thank you SO much for your very kind words! Some of my favorite places to shoot would be the Santa Anita Arboretum, San Dimas Park, Mt. Baldi, and anywhere along the road that I see that would be a great background. My Studio space is in Glendale, and we are currently living in Pasadena. Seriously thank you very much, and keep on shooting - Photography is one of the most rewarding businesses to be apart of and I can't speak highly enough about it!

caroline tran said...

Shannon! these are so gorgeous! Love the colors and tone!