Friday, March 20, 2009

the reception... adam + megan

What a fun day! This was such a wonderful celebration of cultures and full of love and joy and so kick back! Megan grew up in Bangladesh because her parents are involved in relief work there, and Adam has had a passion for foreign aid his whole life going to places like India, Samoa, Germany, China... the list of countries that they both have been to is at least a dozen and many in common! Adam came to Pennsylvania to have some meetings with Megan's dad and that's where he met the lovely Megan. They had their ceremony at a family friend's resort in Thailand and came back to the states to share their reception with friends and family. By the way, this was only reception number 1... they'll be celebrating again next Saturday at a reception on the east coast for the rest of the family. Boy... do these two know how to celebrate! xoxo Shannon

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