Thursday, November 13, 2008

lots of love...david and celia

I absolutely LOVE this couple... I have known them for quite sometime now and was super blessed to shoot their wedding and thrilled that they allowed me to shoot them again a few years later...just for kicks! Thank you so much for an amazingly fun shoot! xoxo Shannon


SPKarenO said...

I'm stunned. Those are so incredibly gorgeous. I ... I don't have anything else to say ... I'm simply speechless. Amazing.

LALA said...

awwwwwww. this is how i feel with my hubbie <3 love.

question how do u put pics in straight order on ur blog?

were those models?
or people who asked for a shoot?

LALA said...

btw those pics were gorgeous thats y im asking

Shannon Renee Photography said...

Thank you so much! The couple is a bride and groom that I have photographed before and no they aren't models but they sure are beautiful!

On blogger I've figured out that if you "center" your pictures instead of any of the other options it keeps them in line. As far as the correct order, you have to put them in backwards from last to first... random I know but that's how they do it.